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Back From ‘Merica

This past weekend was totally fabulous - NERFA music conference exceeded our expectations, and I hope we get to do it again next year. Picture 850 musical-types (both players and presenters) taking over an old-school hotel in the Catskills, with jam sessions erupting everywhere,  communal meals (with blitzes and matzo ball soup!), hundreds of showcasing opportunities, and just some great comeraderie.

It started kind of like this: IMG_2022

And we did some of this:

Captain Sunshine and his minions


And we jammed and hung out with people like David Amram (who had such beautiful things to say about our music! yiii!):


And then did some more of this:JSF at Musical Chairs NERFA

We had an official showcase at this conference which was amazing awesome, and hope that our playing and spirit will result in opportunities to return to the area to play more.

After NERFA we drove to NYC for our first gig in the city at Somethin’ Jazz Club:newnewyorkblog jsf photo_Fotor

Found that picture online with what i think is a review of our show on a blog roughly translated as “Can’t Understand English and in New York City Blog”  .

Jess on Koto Somethin


To wrap it up, here’s one of our guerilla showcase performances from NERFA, shot by Rick Vines:

We’re getting to work on the new album, by the way, thanks to help from the Toronto Arts Council, and expect some interesting news and shows for the near future!


I am on a (not so) lonely road, and I am travellin..

Too long since the last post, I say!  But it’s time to remedy that, right now!

It’s been an unusual few weeks, mainly as our China tour was cancelled from under us on 4 days notice, with no reason given, and then all of the repercussions that go along with it.  BUT we are a resilient bunch, and do our best to ‘brightside’ (yes i’m using it as a verb) it, and were thrilled to see that our pals, Little Suns from Montreal would be touring through Toronto this weekend, so we’ve joined forces to put on a killer dinner time show at The Central.  Little Suns are super cool, 5-piece chamber folky stuff, and we can’t wait to get plugged in (after 5 unplugged showcases at FMO!), and remind you why we’re called a folk-jazz power trio.

  • Saturday, November 8th, 6-9pm. Sliding scale pwyc cover, suggested $5-15.  Dinner is delicious, and drinks and food are not expensive, so Toronto folks, this might be a really nice one to join!

The Jessica Stuart Few(Photo by Borja Moncunill)

There was also some hilariousness this past weekend with Halloween and dress-up and such.  I had a change of heart and decided to dress up with one hour to spare.  I morphed into a 1950′s housewife, complete with rolling pin and oven mitt.  Whaddya think:


We’re off the the US for the NERFA music conference in the Catskills, NY next week!  We’ll stop off in NYC for a day, so anyone in the city, feel free to shoot us an email to see where we’re at for that 24 hours:

At NERFA we’ll play an official showcase plus 6 more, and maybe some unexpected hotel lobby playing too, for all we know!  It’s going to be a total blast, and will give us a chance to show our stuff to venues and festivals in the NE US, so that we can spend more time south of the border!

Gabriola house show(Photo by Tina Jones)

SO, folks, I’ll leave you with a little video feature from The View From The Corner Stool’s “Words & Music” series from a few weeks back.  Feel free to share, ‘like’, and comment!  BUT, in reference to this post’s title, I wanted to mention that I’ll be a part of two fabulous tribute shows at Hugh’s Room over the next few months - Tom Waits and my very very favorite ever, Joni Mitchell! (soooo excited!)


And Before China, Folk Music Ontario 2014!

As if there wasn’t enough happening over the next week culminating in our departure to China for tour, we’re also all wrapped up in the 2014 Folk Music Ontario Conference in Mississauga.  This is maybe our 5th or 6th FMO (formerly known as OCFF), and it’s the 4th or 5th time we’ve hosted the Fresh Folk private showcase room, or Flesh Folk as it’s known this year in a spooky spin-off.

Our private showcase roster is carefully curated, choosing artists that have one foot in folk and one foot firmly elsewhere.  The JSFew will play a bunch of showcases, and I’m super excited to participate in ArtBeat this year, performing at Etobicoke High School for a class of special needs kids on Thursday!

At long last, here is the room schedule, and roster, and check out this killer poster image by Nathan Mills! (This is my lovely co-host Laura C Bates of The Boxcar Boys, Trent Severn and Volhur)

Flesh Folk poster for print

SO, if you are attending the conference, please visit us in Flesh Folk private showcase Room 350 for home brew beer, spooky treats, and some of the best music of the conference.  Click here for more info!