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Glimpse of the Latest Photo Shoot

This week, the album we’ve been working on (which I feel is our special-est and most connected music yet!)  will be mastered and one step closer to being out in the world!  I’m over the moon, and it’s been worth every moment in and out of the studio.  Cannot wait to share with you :)

BUT it’s early for that yet! I thought I shouldn’t tease you and not share SOMETHING though, right? So I wanted to introduce a new photographer I did a first shoot with last week, Deborah Lawrence.

Sitting on pile of slate V5

Photo by Deborah Lawrence, colour editing by Jessica Stuart.

We spent some time in her home studio and also on her industrial street taking pics with debris and near construction and the highway and such.  (The police even came around at some point to make sure we weren’t climbing the fence onto the highway!)

Hope your week is beautiful, relaxing, productive or whatever it is you’re looking for :)


Gig With The Mayor!

Yesterday, The JSFew was the live soundtrack of a speech Toronto Mayor John Tory made in regards to the large-scale arts fundraising plans that he has in store for the fall.

Vincent Banial Jess1

Performing at the Mayor’s Announcement in St James Park. Photo by Vincent Banial.

Also at the press conference at St James Park in St Lawrence Market were members of the Toronto Arts Council (who have supported The JSFew’s new album in production and composition), and the Toronto Arts Foundation. Part of the mayor’s speech (and no doubt the reason that we were enlisted to provide live music in the park) was to discuss a cool new music program being spearheaded by the TAC for next summer which will involve “Concerts In the Park” in 22 wards around city.  He also included us in his speech (cool!) and mentioned some of the great gigs we’ve been doing over the past two weeks.

John Tory & JS Don Peat

Chatting with the mayor after the performance. Super nice little conversation actually! Photo by Don Peat.

So this new music program is definitely something we’re excited about – an awesome way to get people interacting as communities over the arts and local music, and also a great way for musicians to have a totally new audience to play to, while getting paid properly.  When we tour around Canada, especially in BC (like this summer!), we play at several “Music In The Park” series’ and always admired how even the small towns get huge turnouts with lawn chairs and picnic baskets in tow at these weekly gigs.

Screen Shot 2015-06-29 at 4.16.15 PM

Pretty cool to see our name being tweeted out by the mayor. :)

Anyhow, up next – Western Canada tour! And a couple other surprises in Toronto before then.  I think I’ve decided on an album order and which tunes made the final cut, and within the week I think we’ll be mastered!  Next step is to share the music with some selected awesome record labels, to see if we might be able to join forces..  If you have any suggestions of people/companies we should look into, please comment below.

Thanks, lovelies.

The Jessica Stuart Few & The Mayor of the City of Toronto..

I know this blog post’s title might sound like a name of a TV mystery episode, but it is instead a pretty cool announcement about an unexpected performance happening in the early afternoon on Monday, June 29th at St. James Park in St. Lawrence Market.

You see, the city of Toronto has been realizing, especially during the last year or two, how important music and our music culture is to the city’s identity and economy.  This Monday, the mayor of Toronto, John Tory will be holding a press conference and delivering a speech at St James Park making some sort of announcement about Toronto and it’s status as a ‘music city’, and by some stroke of magic, The Jessica Stuart Few has been asked to perform at the event.  (little ‘ole us? cool!) From what I understand, the mayor will speak at 11:45am, and music will follow, finishing by 12:30pm.

JSF Musideum Jazz Fest Mossy

The Jessica Stuart Few do the Toronto Jazz Fest at Musideum earlier this week. Photo by Mossy.

So I guess that makes our music the soundtrack of the city of Toronto?  Teehee..  I know that’s a bit of a leap, but kind of a cool thought.  Anyway, thought I’d share the news!

Happy Pride and Jazz Fest and summer (ooh and me and Liam’s other fun band Idioteque plays in Toronto tonight after a 15 month hiatus!)