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Photo Art

I am incredibly lucky to know some fabulous photographers who like to do creative interesting shoots with weird faces like mine. 😛   Last month, I shot with Mike Novalski, a fabulous photographer, DJ, teacher, musician and more.  (You might know his work from our Two Sides To Every Story album cover and album insert!) We pranced around urban alleys and in forested areas, and here’s a couple shots to start:

Hands on face best edit

Colour edit by JS.

Dancer on the door 0U7A0416

Which one is your fave?  Feel free to like, share and comment below!

So have a wonderful weekend, and see you in Toronto on Sunday, June 5th at The Painted Lady (Ossington & Dundas) with special touring guest Katey Brooks from the UK!  And BC folks – see you in a month!  Tour dates to be posted imminently. :)


Canadian Music Week 2016!

Friends and music-lovers! After a bit of a blog hiatus, it’s Canadian Music Week 2016 and we’re going to be all around town between now and the end of the weekend, so I wanted to let you know in hopes that you might come join us at one of our 3 showcases.

First up, tonight, Thursday, May 5 at 11pm at C’est What? – It’s a special quartet version of the band (me-koto, guitar, vocals, Charles James – double bass, vocals, Ryan Granville-Martin – drums, Jocelyn Barth – vocals), and if our rehearsals are any indicator, it’s going to be rad!  (Check out the interview I did for HERE)


Throwback to CMW 2013 at The Courthouse w/Tony Nesbitt-Larking & Dan Fortin. Photo by Robert M Saxe.

Our second showcase is Saturday, May 7 at 3pm at Drake One-Fifty – this one is with the Australia tour band (me, Charles James and Jon Foster on drums & vocals), so we’ll have tales to tell from the road down-under!

Marla's CMW pic of JSFew

More from CMWs passed! This photo courtesy of Marla Kishimoto.

AND the final slot is Saturday, May 7 at 6pm at Supermarket at the MusicOntario CMW showcase.  This’ll also be a quartet gig as per the members listed before, and will be an amazing show. :)

SO, lovelies, I’ll leave you with one of our proudest CMW related moments – when The Globe & Mail shouted us out as one of the top 6 picks for CMW 2013, sandwiched in between Rihanna & Raekwon.  (teehee! amazing!)

Globe & Mail March 18 2013 edit

Hope to see you tonight or this weekend, Toronto folks!  And please go see lots of other groups while they’re in town – I recommend checking for listenable concert listings. :)

How To Ride A Bicycle Music Video Released!

Very happy to be able to show you the brand new film clip (Aussie terminology!) for “How To Ride A Bicycle” – our first new video in 3 years!  Tons of bike-riding extras were involved in this one as well as a sizeable team of film crew, so check the video description on YouTube for credits.  Voilà!

If you love bikes, or the song, please share all over the place, comment, like, tag people, follow us on YouTube or whatever else your heart desires.  To hear more from the upcoming album release and to pre-order, click here:

I think we’re close to the halfway mark in Australia on our album launch tour – 7 shows performed, 3 radio live-to-airs, and 2 festivals and many shows more to go, most immediately in Wangaratta tomorrow, at Yackandandah Folk Fest on the weekend, then two shows in Melbourne.  Lots of behind the scenes stuff on our facebook page, and instagram. :)

Hope you enjoy!
Cheers from Canberra, Australia,