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Three tunes down..

As of today, three tunes from the new album are basically done!  This album has been really amazing to work on so far – spent a day in Canterbury Music Company recording twelve tunes live-off-the-floor early in the month with all of the JSFew bass and drum members and engineer Jeremy Darby.  Then Ryan Granville-Martin (co-producer) and I started working on instrumental overdubs and vocals, which included a super fun day with a bunch of girls! see below..

Girls chorus recording

Jocelyn Barth, Michelle Willis, Alex, Bernice, Astrid and Kira!

girls chorus in between takes


Let’s just call it “kotoverdubs” from here-on in..jess koto studio edit


Then the tunes went over to Ian Bodsazi, who is my favorite mix engineer, (and worked on Two Sides) and he put everything in it’s right place, and made the instruments sound ridiculously good.


I can’t wait for you guys to hear it!!  BUT, lots of things will have to happen before that, so sit tight :)

Flesh Folk @ Folk Music Ontario 2014

5 or so folk music conferences ago, I realized that The JSFew was having a hard time fitting in musically with the many of the acts at the festivals, so I started “Fresh Folk” to make a home for us and groups like us, who have a foot in folk music but a foot firmly planted somewhere else.  (recognize the poster below?)

Fresh Folk FA Poster web

The private showcase series has been a huge success, packed full of audience perpetually, with some of the best of the folk/cross-over artists on our “stage” (Fish & Bird, The Bombadils, Suzie Vinnick, Casey Driessen, Joanna Chapman-Smith, Streiml & Ismail, Chloe Charles etc), and we get to do fun, themed photo shoots (usually cheekily messing around with fruit) to help promote our great room.

FMO Fresh Folk 2013-jpeg


This year, I have a new co-host for FMO, the wonderful Laura C. Bates, who suggested we do a Halloweeny spin on this year’s showcase, so for FMO 2014, Fresh Folk becomes FLESH Folk!  The accompanying photoshoot yesterday was incredible – the super skilled Nathan Mills took our spooky pics, and here’s a couple behind the scenes shots:

props for flesh folk shoot

This year’s props included raw meat, knives, evil looking fruit, and…..

spider pic edit

Laura’s tarantula friend, Arwen!  It was awesome.  Stay tuned for more awesome pics..

Before we head to Germany for Reeperbahn Music Festival in a few weeks, we play at Yonge-Dundas Square (Sept 6, 5pm, Intersection Festival) alongside the Spectrum music folks, then headline at El Mocambo on Saturday, September 13th.  Hope you’ll join us, Toronto folks!




Two Sides/New Sides!

So, the big news that I just grazed over on the last post is that our last album Two Sides To Every Story (2013, North America/Asia) just got the honour of winning the 2014 international Independent Music Award for Best Album! This is crazy awesome news and I was truly not expecting it, since we have been nominated for several things in the past few years, but never taken home the win.  Thank you so much to all of you for your support!

The timing of this is incredible, since we have just launched into the recording of our third album (prob a 2015 release), putting down the bed tracks for a record 12 tunes in one day with both drummers and all three double bassists that are regular members of the band.  Amazing!


Rocking it at Canterbury Music Company in Toronto!


Dan Fortin & I in the booth with the bassss


Canterbury’s amazing engineer Jeremy Darby (he’s attaching a spoon to my guitar that i wore down the back of my pants during the session as an electronic ‘ground’!)


Coffee & tea to keep it going with Liam Smith & Dan Fortin

Then we did a bunch of overdubs during the past week, which included an awesome girls’ chorus (see some of them, Bernice, Alex, Kira and Jocelyn Barth below!) IMG_1363

SO there’s the news, friends.  I’ll sign off with some pics from Welland, Ontario at the Merritt Park Amphitheatre on the weekend. Lookie:

Band pre-Niagara Region Jazz FestPre-show, Charlie James, Jon Foster & I enjoying the park!

JSFew at Niagara Region Jazz FestOur first time performing at an amphitheatre, and on a floating stage! (there was a bridge to get there, not rafts afterall..)

K! Be well, and hope to see you soon.