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Deep December

I have a hard time keeping track of what day or month it is when I’m in the thick of tour bookings, cause part of my brain in living in the future, but all the twinkly lights and way over-full shopping centres make it undeniably December.  Happy Hannukah to those who celebrate that, by the way!  On Xmas Day, I’m going to go see one of my favourite musicals of all time, Into The Woods in movie theatres. :) Cool :)

There’s one more show for The JSFew camp this calendar year – this one’s a duo show with awesome vocalist and JSF back-up singer, Jocelyn Barth and we’ll be the featured musical performers at Lizzie Violet‘s Winter Wonderland show at Hirut Restaurant on the Danforth.  Not often that we play in the east, so this will be a treat.  Here’s what Jocey and I sound like as a duo when we do other people’s music:

SO, in other news, we’ve just gotten invites to two major festivals in Toronto, and we’re so excited!  We’re part of the first round of artist announcements for Canadian Music Week 2015 (May 6-10), and just this week, we were officially invited to Winterfolk Festival 2015.  Last year, our musical pal, Russell Leon of Songwriters Unite invited me to play a curated showcase at Winterfolk (where I ended up jamming with Vivienne Wilder on my set spontaneously), but this is our first official invite as a trio.  The fest is Feb 13-15, so coming up soon!  I’ll leave you with some pics from last year’s Winterfolk set (Photos by Katie Kent):

Winterfolk 2014 pics - Katie Kent 3


Winterfolk 2014 pics - Katie KentWith Sam McLellan of Vivienne Wilder (and her amazing bass)

Winterfolk 2014 pics - Katie Kent 2


Ok, friendos!  Hope to see you soon.


Party Season Is Here!

Not only does there seem to be a holiday party every other day from now til the end of the month, but we also got some amazing news today that makes us want to partay…

Thanks to the super-generous support of the Toronto Arts Council and FACTOR, we can dive right in to our third full-length album!  There are some things that it’s worth cutting corners to save money on (gloves, for instance), but making art is definitely not one of them!  The rough bed tracks, recorded live-off-the-floor at Canterbury Music Company already have a crazy good energy, so it can only get more exciting from here, and holy moly and I ever excited to get back on it.


(I’m going to intersperse the rest of the post with photos from one of our private showcases in New York at NERFA, courtesy of photographer Robert Berkowitz.)

For Toronto folks, Jocelyn Barth and I will do one more performance this calendar year, as The Jessica Stuart Two on December 20th at Hirut Restaurant. This performance will be part of a night of poetry and music, and is one of the wonderful, Lizzie Violet‘s many excellently curated events.


And some even bigger news, which I’ll get into more details about in due time, is our very first tour of Australia in March/April 2015!  Not only do we get to get away from Toronto wintertime in exchange for Australian summer/fall, but we also get to do a double bill for much of the tour with the most excellent Marta Pacek The tour includes some killer festivals and clubs in Victoria, New South Wales and Western Australia, and more info will be posted very soon.  (For anyone thinking, “didn’t you go to Australia earlier this year?”, the answer is YES, however, I went as a guitarist for Toronto group, blueVenus, so this is The JSFew’s first time touring down under!)


Be well, lovelies, stay warm, and stay in touch!

Back From ‘Merica

This past weekend was totally fabulous - NERFA music conference exceeded our expectations, and I hope we get to do it again next year. Picture 850 musical-types (both players and presenters) taking over an old-school hotel in the Catskills, with jam sessions erupting everywhere,  communal meals (with blitzes and matzo ball soup!), hundreds of showcasing opportunities, and just some great comeraderie.

It started kind of like this: IMG_2022

And we did some of this:

Captain Sunshine and his minions


And we jammed and hung out with people like David Amram (who had such beautiful things to say about our music! yiii!):


And then did some more of this:JSF at Musical Chairs NERFA

We had an official showcase at this conference which was amazing awesome, and hope that our playing and spirit will result in opportunities to return to the area to play more.

After NERFA we drove to NYC for our first gig in the city at Somethin’ Jazz Club:newnewyorkblog jsf photo_Fotor

Found that picture online with what i think is a review of our show on a blog roughly translated as “Can’t Understand English and in New York City Blog”  .

Jess on Koto Somethin


To wrap it up, here’s one of our guerilla showcase performances from NERFA, shot by Rick Vines:

We’re getting to work on the new album, by the way, thanks to help from the Toronto Arts Council, and expect some interesting news and shows for the near future!