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Let’s Start Back in China..

It has been way too long for you to excuse my posting hiatus (it looks like my last post was pre-Asia Tour), but I’m asking to you forgive me anyway. :)   You see, since the last post, we’ve toured China & Japan, booked a return/album release tour in Australia this March, and finished our new album which I will be picking up from manufacture this week!  So, hopefully that suitably explains my absence..

SO, instead of giving you a novel of a post, i’m gonna give you a wee bit at a time, starting in China.  It was our very first time there, and what a truly awesome reception we received.


Our very first show was in a cool theatre in Tianjin.

Before our first concert though, we did 2 master classes during the day, and one of them, being about harmony, got the participants to learn the backing vocals to “Don’t Ya”, and besides performing with us during the masterclass (for the local TV station!), I also invited them to back us up at the concert later that night, which was a total blast for all of us I think. :)  [Also, very important to note – there is no mic stand in front of me, because I did the whole show with a Madonna-style face mic!  I ran through the audience a couple times to make the most of it..  :) ]

CLICK HERE to see our awesome backing vocal section in action!

Everyone was so cool, and kind, and we sold half of our CDs on that one show, which included tons of pics with the purchasers and autographs galore. :)  [Oh, and weirdest post show thing ever?  While we were far away from the stage, outside the theatre, signing things and taking photos, i heard a far too familiar guitar tone from inside…  The soundman had let an audience member onstage, and the concert-goer started playing my guitar while jumping around posing for photos!  I was not impressed, let’s just say.. ;P ]

Post-show in Tianjin – jetlagged, but super happy :)

AND that’s basically how it all started!  Aside from taking photos of ourselves at Toronto Pearson Airport:


Jon and I are looking impressively good for a morning flight, i’d say..

More tales soon!  BUT, Toronto friends, since we rarely play in town these days, I thought I’d mention that we’re hitting up Castro’s in The Beaches this Wednesday, January 27th!  Some of you know that I play there regularly with Civil Wray (formerly blueVenus), but it’ll be The JSFew’s first time, so we hope you’ll come join us in that cozy space.


Countdown to Asia!

A mere 4 days left until we leave for Asia!  This is going to be a crazily exciting tour – our first time to China (one week packed with 4 shows and 5 master classes), and 2 weeks in Japan, where we’ll release the ‘Same Girl EP’, exclusive to Japan amidst shows in Kyoto, Tokyo and Yokohama. At long last, here are our Asian tour dates:

  • 11/5/2015 – Taiyuan 太原, China @ Music House 音乐房子, 8-10pm
  • 11/6/2015 – Shijiazhuang 石家庄, China @ TVU 地下丝绒, 8-10pm
  • 11/7/2015 – Tianjin 天津, China @ Vision Hill 智慧山文化产业园 – Master Classes @ 3-3:45 (Koto), 4-4:45 (Harmony & Melody) & Concert @ 7:30-9:30pm
  • 11/8/2015 – Beijing 北京, China @ DDC 黄昏黎明 – Master Classes @ 3-3:50 (Koto), 4-4:50 (Rhythm & Groove), 5-5:50 (Harmony & Melody) & Concert @ 9-11:30pm
  • 11/14/15 – Kyoto, Japan w/山本啓 from Nabowa @ Len Hostel, 7pm
  • 11/15/15 – Kyoto, Japan @ 石井もやし, time TBA
  • 11/17/15 – Tokyo, Japan @ Oscar Peterson Theatre, Canadian Embassy – private showcase 6:30-9:30pm
  • 11/20/15 – Tokyo, Japan @ Ark Hills Cafe, 6:30pm
  • 11/21/15 – Yokohama, Japan w/田薫水 @ Yoshidamachi Lily, 6:30pm

    JSF Japan Tour 2015 poster

Other fun plans – take some koto lessons with my awesome friend/sensei Kiyoshi in Tokyo, visit the Great Wall of China outside of Beijing, and maybe to workshop at a high school in the prefecture I grew up in as a child, Nagano!  We’ll also have a radio interview in Shijizhuang, and have had a bunch of other press, that folks who read Chinese can appreciate.

And here’s a little something silly for our Japanese speaking fans:

SO, the other week, we had a beautiful weekend playing loads of acoustic music at Folk Music Ontario.  We got to jam with tons of killer folks, and meet lovely people from all over.  Here’s a pic of one of our showcases courtesy of Michael Kornfeld:

Michael Kornfeld FMO 2015 bandAnd for a great idea of some of the sounds that happened at the music conference (including the JSFew), we can thank James McGee who filmed this video for his series “The View From The Corner Stool”:

Last, but not least, let’s reminisce about Halloween 2014.  These costumes were entirely last minute (always a last-minute costumer), so were made entirely from things existing in my house already!  I always seem to feel like cleaning when I’m wearing 1950’s dresses..  Are you dressing up this year?  Share your costume plans with us!

See you soon, our fans and friends in Asia!

Folk Music Weekend Punctuated by a Vote

What a ridiculously great weekend of music.  Too much happened to even talk about any of it in this brief post, but let’s suffice it to say that the musicking in Fresh Folk (and in the other showcases, hallways, hotel lobby) was really top notch.  Made me proud of everyone on the bill.

So today is vote-y day, and it’s not over!  If you haven’t yet done it, you still have time.  The voting station I went to was at an old folks home, and the old folks said we were some of the only young folks to come in there today, which is a bit disappointing. Let’s vote for arts! Or just vote at all. :)

Jessica voting