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Two Sides/New Sides!

So, the big news that I just grazed over on the last post is that our last album Two Sides To Every Story (2013, North America/Asia) just got the honour of winning the 2014 international Independent Music Award for Best Album! This is crazy awesome news and I was truly not expecting it, since we have been nominated for several things in the past few years, but never taken home the win.  Thank you so much to all of you for your support!

The timing of this is incredible, since we have just launched into the recording of our third album (prob a 2015 release), putting down the bed tracks for a record 12 tunes in one day with both drummers and all three double bassists that are regular members of the band.  Amazing!


Rocking it at Canterbury Music Company in Toronto!


Dan Fortin & I in the booth with the bassss


Canterbury’s amazing engineer Jeremy Darby (he’s attaching a spoon to my guitar that i wore down the back of my pants during the session as an electronic ‘ground’!)


Coffee & tea to keep it going with Liam Smith & Dan Fortin

Then we did a bunch of overdubs during the past week, which included an awesome girls’ chorus (see some of them, Bernice, Alex, Kira and Jocelyn Barth below!) IMG_1363

SO there’s the news, friends.  I’ll sign off with some pics from Welland, Ontario at the Merritt Park Amphitheatre on the weekend. Lookie:

Band pre-Niagara Region Jazz FestPre-show, Charlie James, Jon Foster & I enjoying the park!

JSFew at Niagara Region Jazz FestOur first time performing at an amphitheatre, and on a floating stage! (there was a bridge to get there, not rafts afterall..)

K! Be well, and hope to see you soon.




Headlining the Niagara Region Jazz Festival this Saturday!

Holy crow, I don’t even know where to start.  There is so much going on these days that updates have become few and far between and I apologize for that.  We are playing less and less around home and more and more abroad these days, so we were really excited to be handed the headlining slot this Saturday, August 23rd at the inaugural year of Niagara Region Jazz Festival.

We will be playing here: welland amphitheatre

SO, to answer the obvious question, yes, this stage IS floating. (A first for us!  Will we be getting our gear onstage via raft?  We shall see!)  AND also, i think this is probably our first amphitheatre gig, which is super cool.  We close a whole day’s worth of programming (we play at 8pm, 2 sets), and ticket info is HERE

This is our first show post-tour across Canada (which i promise to post more about before the month is up!) and Charlie JamesJon Foster and I are super stoked to show you how much fun we had. (photo below by Sean Behnsen, Victoria, Canada, July 2014)



And while I’m at it, we made the cover of the news in the Niagara Region! Niagara Region News

SO, although there’s much more news, this post is long enough already.  Next post I’ll tell you about our only two Toronto appearances on the books for the rest of 2014, The JSF in Germany, China and the US, more exciting tour tales and pics, our third album that we are currently recording, and how we WON the IMA for Best Album for Two Sides To Every Story !  In the spirit of jazz, here’s a video that just went up from our Japan tour last fall (please comment, like, share if you feel it!):


4000 kms down, 5000 to go

So many hours in the van, but you know what?  This tour is killer.  It started off with the van tetrissing in Toronto which looked like this:


Then we headed to Peterborough for our Sapphire Room show, which was amazing and had scenes like this: full band peterboroughAnd this: peterborough head bang

Then we hit the highway to Northern Lights Festival Boreal where in between swimming and running into great musician friends like Lemon Bucket Orchestra &  Red Moon Road, and watching sets by Bruce Cockburn, we played two closing night sets, did a workshop and played on the family stage.  Some of that looked like this: IMG_0816IMG_0898IMG_0823

Then we did a huge amount of driving to Thunder Bay, then to Winnipeg where we had our highlight show of tour so far with Slow Spirit and Sapphire Empire at The Purple Room, but first filmed for Shaw TV and interviewed with the folks at UMFM.  By the way, have you ever turned up to a gig where you and the guitarist from the other band had the exact same guitar, but in the colour of each others clothing?  It happened to Gabriela & I!, see?)
After a surprisingly sweet show (and food and drink) in Saskatoon at Woods Ale House, we played Edmonton at Jeffrey’s then ended up in Calgary during the stampede playing one of my favourite musical shows of tour so far at Wine-Ohscalgary full band

SO, we’re off to Red Deer, Alberta in a few minutes where we’ll play at the International Beer Haus with Twisted Lobby from 9pm til late.  A bit of press from Red Deer in anticipation of our show: Red Deer Express (also had the cover of the Advocate!)

Tomorrow: Revelstoke, BC, then Kelowna and Kamloops.