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Back From Our Western Canadian Adventure!

Although being on tour is never a holiday, there was definitely something vacation-y about our time in BC. If you can imagine, we fit all sorts of things in between our shows including climbing Mt Erskine on Salt Spring Island, sailboating on Pender Island, swimming several at lakes throughout the province and in the ocean, and it was a berry extravaganza with blackberries, raspberries, blueberries and thimble berry bushes following us everywhere, offering us their fruit as a snack.

But there was much music to be played, and especially Campbell Bay Music Festival was fabulous, full of other musicians we know and love, great food and great vibes.  There are fewer photos than usual from this tour, but here’s a couple:

Jess with koto serious

Getting serious on the koto at Campbell Bay Music Festival on Mayne Island, BC. Photo by Elvira Maité.

Dr Sun Yat-sen 2016

Playing for the second year in a row at the ‘Enchanted Evenings’ Concert Series at Dr Sun Yat-sen Classical Chinese Gardens in Vancouver, BC.

So, when we got back from the west, we got to do a fun outdoor gig in Toronto’s historic Distillery District. The folks at Snap’d Toronto took a few pics.  It was a super windy day, so i’m surprised that they even captured a single shot without my face eclipsed by hair!

JSF at Distillery 2016 - Snap'd

So, for Toronto folks who want to know when to catch us live in action next, we will be doing our next of the quarter-annual residency gigs at Castro’s Lounge in the Beaches next Wednesday, July 27th.  Show starts 8:30pm and runs ’til 11, and the cover charge is simply a donation into the ‘generosity jug’. (Ha!  You like that name? Works for me. :) )  After that, there will be a rare solo set at a house concert in Toronto alongside local muso (Australian term for musician!) Mike Evin. Click here for more info.

Thanks for reading, loves.  Stay hydrated, and hope to see you very soon!

BC Tour & Wicked Pics from the Toronto Japanese Film Festival!

Very excited to finally announce our annual Western Canadian Tour, starting on June 23!
This is just a little jaunt out west to coincide with Campbell Bay Music Festival, and we added some dates on the islands and mainland to go along with it.  Aside from the festival, there are shows booked in Vancouver, Nanaimo, Revelstoke, Salt Spring Island, Pender Island, and New Westminster.  (You might notice that Victoria, Kamloops, Kelowna are missing from the list – we are eager to make even a last minute stop in those places, should one of you offer to host an intimate concert, whether it be a living room, parlour or backyard, acoustic or amplified, so if you are interested in having us, please email right away!)  Full dates listed in the sidebar!–>

JSF BC 2016 full dates

For all the showtimes, ticket links and other info, here’s the tour facebook event. Unfortunately for me, facebook is being a bit of a jerk, and won’t allow me to invite fans of The Jessica Stuart Few page to the event, nor will allow me to “boost” the post to reach more people because there is too much text on my event image (meaning, the tour dates on the poster. *facepalm*).  SO, my point is, if you are on the west coast of Canada, or have friends out there, we would incredibly appreciate you sharing the event, clicking ‘attend’ or inviting folks you know in the areas we’re going to be.  Thank you so much!

We also had an awesome show this past weekend in Toronto at the TJFF (Toronto Japanese Film Festival) where “Bitter Honey” had it’s international premiere at the JCCC (Japanese Cultural Community Centre), a co-presentation by Creator’s Lounge.

We loved playing in Kobayashi hall and here’s what it looked like:

JFF_0130 JSF

Images are courtesy of photographer Leon Balaban.

JFF_0175 JSF
AND, while we’re on the topic of Creator’s Lounge, the CL team stopped by our Canadian Music Week showcase (presented by Music Ontario), and filmed some of our performance, and did a little interview with us in Japanese and English.  I even got my own subtitles! Feel free to like, comment and share if you feel like spreading the love. :)

SO, BC folks, see you next week?  Toronto folks – our next show is in the Distillery, presented by the city at 2pm on Saturday, July 16th, so maybe see you then!

This weekend in Toronto: Dundas West Fest & Kumamoto Fundraiser

I recently moved after 8 years living on Dundas in Toronto – for the past couple of years, every June, Dundas Street closes down to cars, and it’s the whole stretch becomes a street party!  There’s patios set up outside most restaurants/bars, art and other interactive installations (last year there was collage making outside Monkey’s Paw book shop, and this year, I hear there’s giant Scrabble again..), and of course there are musical and other performances.  No JSFew performance this year, but I recommend checking the MusiCamp youth performances, Run With The Kittens and it’s always a fun time with the Shuffle Demons.

Here’s a reminiscent pic from Dundas West Fest 2013 atThe JSFew’s performance:

jesse live pic - dundas west fest_Fotor

Photo by Jesse Kline, edits by JS

SO, anyway, I’m gonna head to there.  BUT before I get my butt outside to the 30 + degree weather, just another quick mention about the Kumamoto Earthquake Relief event tomorrow, Sunday, June 12 at 1pm at Supermarket (on Augusta just south of College in Kensington Market).  I’m excited to be doing a solo performance there, and also to check out the art (and food!) and other fun stuff.  Here’s some of the art that will be for auction:

Origami art by Mui-Ling (iiii!! i love teeny stuff!):


And visual art (tablet pencil & visual printing) by Stefano Venier:


Can’t wait to be there tomorrow!  More information and ticket link here, all for a great cause of course! CLICK HERE