Wacky toys

A HUGE thanks to the incredible audience at The Local last night – such a fun night of playing, and meeting people.  Unlike the last time, there were no bullet casings or bouncy balls in our tip jar, and despite the presence of the enthusiastic flailing woman, my koto remained in one piece against all odds…

OK here’s a new one.  WEIRDO TOYS!!  I was on a website called www.super-collider.com which is all about the merging of science and art, and they had the following particles as toys:

plush-toy-particle GLUON

plush-toy-quark UP QUARK

plush-toy-muon MUON

I love these! And of course they made me thing of the plushie microbes such as:

plush-toy-food-poisoning-big FOOD POISONING

plush-toy-syphillus-big and let’s not forget about SYPHILLIS…
Haha! Have a goodie today,

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